Email setup

A few key pieces of information will help you get your domain's email up and running. Fill in your specifics where words appear in italic:

  • Your incoming and outgoing mail servers are both named Connect to your incoming mail server with the POP3 protocol; to your outgoing server with the SMTP protocol.
  • Enable secure authentication (called "CRAM-MD5 Challenge-Response" or similar) in your email client's settings for both incoming and outgoing mail server.
  • Be sure you have entered your full user name, including your domain name, like It is necessary to log in to both the incoming and outgoing mail server.
  • Webmail is always available at Just log on as if you're having trouble with your email client, or if you're away from your own computer.

Fighting Spam

We can't promise that spammers will never try your domain's email addresses, but we offer a set of services, tools, and tips for fending them off, while keeping your focus on the mail you do want. mail servers employ a shifting array of techniques for fighting the mass of obvious "dictionary attack" spam that can be the biggest problem with today's email. Much of the mail that might otherwise bug you will be stopped short at our servers, before it ever pollutes your inbox. The few mails that are sneaky enough to get through are usually easy to filter with tools you configure to fight your specific spam.

If you're new to fighting spam (quick self-test: what's a Bayesian filter?), then Mozilla's Fighting Junk Mail with Netscape 7.1 is a good general introduction to the concepts and issues in the junk mail fight. The instructions there will be directly applicable if you use the Thunderbird email client, or generally informative if you use another program that offers junk mail filtering tools.

If you regularly use webmail to read messages, filters based on the Sieve system from Carnegie-Mellon University are available through a friendly control panel within webmail. Just log in and click Filters in the preferences menu at the top.

If you're a veteran of the battle against spam who needs special settings or filtering options, write to with your question or request.

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