Leitmotif Build Guide BETA

Leitmotif Requirements

Utopian.net Leitmotif develops your site design into a complete WordPress theme. Your design determines the appearance, while the base software allows you to simply and quickly manage your entire web site (not just your blog) with your browser, using an extended site control panel. We handle the XHTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL code that integrates your design and your site's special features with the WordPress base that makes adding content as simple as using a word processor.

To take advantage of the Leitmotif service, you provide:

  • * At least 1 image in Photoshop, JPG, or PDF format depicting your design. One image per type of page is recommended.
  • * An existing web site (of your design) that you want transposed into a look and feel for your new, easier-to-manage site.

Your concept files model the major page elements and their positions and styles; you can edit, massage, and finesse the elements and design details in Photoshop or any graphics program. Some artists even prefer to print the wireframe examples and trace drawings onto them, using a scanner to create a digital image from the result. Creativity loves flexibility.

When you've gotten your design just perfect, you can upload or email us the results. We'll get back to you with any more info we need, changes, or requirements, and then your launch date. You log in and start adding great content. It's an easy to manage web site that represents your style, your work, and your brand.

If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to ask. These documents should assist you in the design process, but we're here to help at every step.

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