Utopian.net Leitmotif

Many artists have two goals for their site: it should be easy to update, so the content highlights their freshest work; and it should match their individual visual style, so the site's design itself is a working sample of their vision. Leitmotif brings these two goals together.

WordPress provides a solid base to simply manage your entire site. We extend the content management tools, and integrate advanced site features into the WordPress framework. You design a site concept image in Photoshop, PDF, or JPEG format, showing your fonts, logos, colors, and the exact layout of your site. We turn your image(s) into a working WordPress-based site matching your design, that's ready for your content: pages, blog posts, galleries/portfolios, and visitors' comments and discussion.

You can learn more about the process at the Lietmotif build guide, or contact us to begin a project.

Custom web architecture, engineering, and construction

We collaborate with you to draw out your real requirements, then design and build simple, powerful tools to meet your needs. We can architect, implement, deliver and maintain your web application on our own servers, or in your existing datacenter to give you maximum control.

On-staff expertise includes development in the PHP, JavaScript, C, and common shell languages; [X]HTML and CSS markups; Unix systems and SQL database administration; and advanced networking.

Check our pricing for consulting and development, or get in touch to discuss your web development dreams in detail.

Internet hosting: Simple. Solid.

Utopian.net hosting provides wide pipes to the Internet, the latest server hardware and Unix software, and two decades of combined experience managing it all. Our basic hosting plan gives you a simple yet versatile place to perform and showcase your work. You can easily add more storage or bandwidth when you need to grow. We're here to help, with both your problems and your ambitious new plans. Just contact us, or sign up for a subscription to get started right away.

Utopian.net servers run the popular Apache web server on the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems, with PHP scripting and MySQL databases for developing dynamic sites.

Multiple independent links connect Utopian.net servers to the Internet, making sure your site is available and fast.

  • 8GB+ disk storage
  • 8GB monthly bandwidth
  • Apache 2 web server
  • PHP 5 scripting
  • MySQL 5 database
  • Webalizer site statistics
  • Email via POP3, IMAP, or webmail
  • Mailman and Phplist mailing lists
  • Customizable mail filtering

More blog for the buck

The free blog services are great, but they can be limiting - not to mention lacking the distinction of your own URL. As a bonus service included with any hosting account, we can handle the technical details of WordPress installation, initial theme and plugin uploads, and database configuration. You handle creating great content. Keep your entire internet presence at your domain name, control every aspect of how your site looks and is organized, and never be forced to display ads or any content but your own.

The simplicity of the free blogs, with the memorability and flexibility that only comes with being master of your domain (name). When your site needs to become more than a blog, your account is ready to grow. If you run into problems - we're here to help.

Sign up to get started or just review the details at our pricing page, or check the minimal fine print of the hosting terms of service.

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