Prices are in United States Dollars (USD).

Internet hosting

>> $10/month or $110/year

Hosting prices are for the basic hosting plan described under Internet hosting on the Services page. Hosting also includes (at your option, but at no extra charge) the WordPress install service described under More blog for the buck. You can subscribe right here for $10 monthly, or save $10 with yearly billing at $110 per year.

Very large, very busy, or otherwise server and/or bandwidth-intensive sites and applications may require a level of service beyond the basics provided by this plan, and should ask about our VPS and other server and datacenter solutions, with pricing determined by project goals, total bandwidth needs, and computational and storage requirements.

Domain name registration

>> $15/year

Domain registration is available for $15 per year, or you're free to register your domain with the registrar of your choice. If you're creating a new site and need to register a new domain name, too, consider a unified annual bill for hosting plus domain name registration for $125 per year.

Leitmotif, development, design, consultation

>> Ask for an estimate designer and developer time is available for your cutting-edge web projects at our industry-standard hourly rates. Since every site is different, and since our rates represent private business data, we'll be happy to provide a specific estimate after you contact us to discuss your plans. However, we can provide the following very broad estimates:

The average Leitmotif project saves costs by using the open-source WordPress software as a foundation, with total costs usually starting at around $1000 and ranging up to $4000, depending on the extent of customization, visual design complexity, and added features. Large community, government, and corporate projects requiring bespoke web application development, end-to-end security, and other enterprise features, generally have project budgets in the low- to mid- five figures.

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